Works in Progress PLUS an Update on the Tribute Air Force 1s

This will be a short one because this week has been trying on my personal time outside of work.  I've been up against a deadline on two custom helmets and finally got them to where I want them.  Check out my "not shoes" Instagram page for more (@wadecustomdesigns).

Life has a funny way of getting busy at times and for that I am grateful.  When most people are settling down to watch a movie or going to bed early, I am again putting in work.  My wife would tell you that I probably put in more work nights and weekend than I do during the day.  I know it will al be worth it one day.  I'll sleep when I'm dead.

From my last post, you will remember that I recently had the honor of making a Tribute shoe for a friend of the Bundy Family.  Three of their sons were in a car crash on March 8th.  Two of the three boys lost their life in the crash and the third was severely burned on 50% of his body amongst other injuries.  After seeing the shoes I put together, my buddy Wojo wanted to get another pair for the surviving brother.  Also, the parents like them so much that they also each wanted a pair, but this time with all three boys football jersey numbers. 

Of course, as much as I have learned about this story, I immediately complied.  Over the next few weeks as the shoes come in, I will be putting in work to get these done as quickly as possible for the family.  I'll post some more pictures to my social media accounts as those shoes develop.  

This week I also worked on a H-Town/Houston Rockets themed shoe for my friend and Navy Football teammate Joey Owmby.  Joey sent me this picture of a Houston Rockets jacket that he wanted to turn into a shoe.  The "Uni Blue" from Angelus strikes again!

I'll be shipping these out this weekend along with a pair of my Leopard Print themed Air Max 90s to another former teammate, Andrew Holmes.  Andrew is currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  I have some fond memories of my time there back in 2007.  I remember being introduced to homebrew beer and Habu Sake.  The Habu Snake is native to Japan and they sell bottles of Sake with the Habu snake inside.

My buddy Andrew was kind enough to discreetly send me a bottle of Habu Sake to which I traded him a discount on the Air Max's.  

So if you counted correctly until now, that is 5 pairs of shoes and two motorcycle helmets.  

But wait, there's more.  I have another 3 pairs of shoes in the works and 2 pair of Jordan Cleats in the line up.  Not to mention two personal pairs of shoes and two pairs of experimental cleats to showcase some of my work, my size of course.

So for now, I will leave you with this...MAKE TIME TO DO WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.  I enjoy when my art tells a story in the case of the Bundy family, and when I can take an idea and bring it to life on any medium, shoes, cleats, helmets, etc.  The only thing left to do is create!


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